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Who we are.

Listening in the Dark is a place to un-numb ourselves. A place to gather together because we miss unfiltered community, authenticity, and a sense of belonging to something that matters. We’re here together because we want to scroll through something that doesn’t make us compare and despair, because we want to feel close, connected, heard. We’re here because angry doesn’t even begin to describe it. Because social media doesn’t cut it. Because the world often feels broken, and we want more tools of joy in the process of fixing it.

What we do.

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  • Monthly essay: Subscribers of all levels will receive a monthly hello from me in the form of an essay. I’ll be writing about the things that matter most to me—and hopefully to you too—in the moments they are happening: from U.S. politics to existential and cultural awakenings, to backstage looks inside my book tours and behind-the-scenes stories and pictures from film and TV sets.

  • Good Riddance: Join us in the Chat for a weekly space to let go of something that’s been bugging you. Every Saturday, I’ll share something I’m letting go of and invite you to do the same. It can be big or small, serious or silly—an interaction that left you feeling not so great, a piece of clothing you’ve been hanging on to for too long, or your anger over a tragically canceled TV show that ended on a cliffhanger.

  • The Roundup: Every now and then I'll share a list of things I love (or hate) from the best and worst corners of the internet.

If you're interested in becoming a Paid Subscriber, you’ll get to enjoy additional content while directly supporting the work we do here and the community we're building at Listening in the Dark:

  • Further Ado: Every month or so, I’ll interview an exciting guest for our video interview series on topics that aim to exhilarate, inspire, and entertain. We’ll cover everything from how to cross new creative thresholds, how to remain politically activated within the boundaries of self-care, behind-the-scenes stories from film and TV sets, and so much more.

  • Readings + Prompts: A couple times a month, I'll share a new video made just for you reading something I've written over the years—a poem, an essay, an unpublished work (GULP)—as well as a unique prompt based on that work. Come get entertained and creatively energized.

  • Here, Take This, I Love You: Once a month we will give away memorabilia and artifacts from the vaults of my office. A signed Joan of Arcadia script! Limited edition broadsides of poetry! Some gum Alexis Bledel once chewed! (I would never.) Consider becoming a paid subscriber to get the full Listening in the Dark experience.

A bit about me.

If this is your first time getting to know me as a writer—well then, hello and welcome to the Listening in the Dark family. Here’s a little more about me and the LITD community we’re building on Substack:

  • I’m a writer, director, and actress who’s been nominated for a bunch of fun awards like an Emmy, Golden Globe, and Independent Spirit Award. If you didn’t catch Y: The Last Man on Hulu where I play a wildly funny and dark conservative character named Kimberly Cunningham, I highly recommend it. It’s a fantastic show, and even though we only got one season, I’m incredibly proud of the work we got to do and the story we got to tell, thanks immensely to show creator Eliza Clark.

  • I’m the author of seven books across genres including the poetry collection Dark Sparkler, the novel Any Man, and my most recent anthology Listening in the Dark: Women Reclaiming the Power of Intuition. I am also an opinion writer for the New York Times, and contributing writer for The Cut and The New Yorker on issues pertaining to gender inequality and women’s rage.

  • In 2016, I co-wrote and directed my first feature film, Paint it Black, based on the novel by Janet Fitch, and starring Alia Shawkat, Janet McTeer, and Alfred Molina. I’m really proud of this film about a twisted relationship between two women in the throes of grief and madness. It’s a wild, fun, heart-wrenching ride. 

  • The title of this Substack page comes from my most recent book, an anthology titled Listening in the Dark: Women Reclaiming the Power of Intuition. The book features essays from powerhouse women across industries writing about their relationship to intuitive intelligence. Contributors to the book include Jia Tolentino, Amy Poehler, Dr. Mindy Nettifee, Jessica Valenti, Huma Abedin, and many more.

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Actress, director, writer. Author of 7 books including Listening in the Dark: Women Reclaiming the Power of Intuition. A contributing writer for NYT and The Cut on issues pertaining to gender inequality and women's rage.
Managing Editor at AmberTamblyn.substack.com